Studying in a foreign school is a dream for many. It presents the opportunity to travel, a chance for better career prospects and newer experiences for such people. Yet, have you ever wondered why Graduate Programs are willing to accept international students?

 Let’s take a look. 

        • They accept international students to diversify their student population and improve the university’s public image.

          Universities can quickly achieve diversity by opening their doors to international students. A diverse student body is perfect for the university’s image.  Diversity in student populations presents the university as being just and fair. It also shows a willingness to accommodate everyone from anywhere. Universities with sizable, diverse student bodies are recognized as trendsetters. They are viewed as part of the best in the world. 
        • The students gain valuable social skills and experience. 

          Students also gain from this diversity as they are given a chance to learn and interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds. This creates a unique experience and further broadens the knowledge trove of the students that would not have been gained from reading books. Students also learn new languages, and this is an added advantage to individuals. Additionally, it presents an opportunity to interact with new cultures and societal norms. This interaction arms students with social skills that are necessary to function within society. Companies and law firms prefer to recruit from schools with diverse student bodies. They generally believe those schools build not just the academic lives of their students but also their social lives. On a larger scale, this improves the world and helps international relations. It forces students to confront different interpersonal and communication styles, making them better active listeners and critical thinkers. And it opens them to excellent personal and professional connections that will benefit them throughout their careers.
        • International students are a critical source of revenue. 

          International students create significant economic opportunities both for the country and for the school. From visa applications to tuition fees, this converts to financial gain.  This also attracts sponsors who are willing to fund scholarships or programs for students, which adds to the school’s image and respect. This, in its own right, attracts more applicants and also works as a selling point for why more people should apply for the school. International students are a plus both for the country and the schools. It can be argued that opportunities are being taken away from the locals. Still, in the long run, the positives stand out more. More schools are encouraged and equipped to accommodate international students.

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