A significant portion of the first years at the University of Alberta received a scholarship in their first year; about 1 in 5 students. The University of Alberta offers many scholarship opportunities to its students, awarding about $32 million in scholarships each year.

There are scholarships awarded to students based on admission, and there are those that are application-based. Let’s take a look at these scholarships to find out which are available to you.


Admissions-Based Scholarships 

You do not need to apply for these scholarships. Students automatically qualify for these scholarships once they apply for admission to the university. A student’s eligibility is based on their High School admission score when they are admitted into the university.
Some of the scholarships students can qualify for include
· Gold Standard Scholarship
· Indigenous Entrance Scholarship
· AP and IB Scholarship
· National Achievement Scholarship
· International Student Scholarship
· Maple Leaf First Year Excellence Scholarship


Application-Based Scholarships 

The earlier you apply for these scholarships, the better. Suppose you are unsure of which scholarships you qualify for. In that case, you can simply fill a scholarship application form, and the University of Alberta will match you with the scholarships that best fit you.
However, students must have applied for an undergraduate program and received a CCID before applying for entrance scholarships to the University of Alberta. In addition, you may need to wait for about 2-3 business days after applying for admission to receive your CCID. It’s best to submit your application early so you can avoid deadline rushes.
Some of the scholarships that you can apply for include
· Scholastic Distinction Scholarship
· Entrance leadership Scholarship
· Fly Home Award
· Education Abroad Award
· Maple Leaf Centenary Scholarship
· May Quon Undergraduate Scholarship


Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

All applicants or candidates for scholarships must
– Have an admission average that at least meets the requirements of the corresponding scholarship
– Have taken less than 12 credits of University studies or course-works in high school
– Be applying for a full-time undergraduate program at the University of Alberta.

Some scholarships have additional requirements that are peculiar to them, and candidates will be assessed based on how well they meet those requirements. You should, however, note that being eligible for a scholarship does not automatically award you that scholarship. Scholarship awards are highly competitive at the University of Alberta.

Scholarships are awarded based on how accurate your self-recorded grades are. Suppose there is any discrepancy at all between your recorded grades and the official transcript. In that case, you may find your scholarship award being revoked.


A final Note

Everyone can get some financial support, but not everyone is qualified, and not everyone that qualifies can actually access it because there is a need for preparation. The importance of timely information is also central. You can prepare yourself:

  • Identify the scholarship that fits your need
  • Identify the requirements and prepare yourself to meet them
  • Invest in yourself, learn new skills if you must, seek help
  • Polish your CV and make it outstanding


Check out our post on “What to Know Before Studying in Canada” to help with your preparation. Get in touch with Arrows today to ease the process for you. 


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