There are several scholarships for Masters and PhD programs at the University of British Columbia, particularly for the university’s doctoral fellowships and their Graduate Support Initiative.

The University of British Columbia has a database that potential students can search through to find which scholarships they qualify for. This database is quite helpful as it allows applicants to streamline their searches based on multiple search criteria. In essence, you can filter your search on the database.

Your searches can be filtered based on

  • Eligibility: You can pick from Canadian, Permanent Resident and International Student.
  • Degree Level: You can filter scholarships based on Masters or Doctoral programs.
  • Applicant Status: You can filter based on your studentship; are you a continuing student or an incoming one
  • Award Status: You can also filter based on if your scholarship is active or discontinued
  • Award Search: This option searches out specific scholarship awards to see if you are eligible for them.
  • Items: This allows you to set how many things you want to see on your screen in one go. You can opt for 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 or all items.

You can also find brief summaries and deadlines for the scholarship on the database.

Some of the scholarship Awards on the database are

  • Globalink Graduate Fellowship
  • Scholarship for Exchange Students
  • Vanier Scholarship
  •  Kilam Doctoral Scholarships
  • Canada Graduate Scholarships Doctoral (CGS D) Program
  •  Affiliated Fellowships Doctoral Program
  •  Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s (CGS M) Program
  • Affiliated Fellowships Master’s Program
  • NSERC Doctoral Prize

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