Choosing to leave your home country to study abroad is a big decision. Many potential students are often curious about the benefits of leaving home just to study in another country.

Yet, several international students all agree on one thing- studying abroad is an enjoyable and exciting event as it presents opportunities to experience new things, new people and entirely new cultures. Still not sure if you need to leave your country for a degree? Well, here are the top ten reasons you should seriously consider it.

1. You get to see the world.

While you might not see the entire world in one trip, leaving home presents an opportunity for you to gain new experiences. You get to meet different people, visit new places, and experience new cultures. There’s a whole new world out there waiting for you.

2. You sharpen your language skills.

The demand for multilingualism is rapidly increasing in the employment space. Travelling to a new country allows you to learn a new language. Your CV will look even more enticing once you have that down to a pat and complete your degree.

3. You rediscover yourself.

Our environment plays a vital role in shaping who we are as people. Changing your environment allows you to explore newer dimensions of who you are and what you are capable of. An excellent way to do this is to study abroad. 

4. You make new friends.

When you study abroad, you are guaranteed to meet new people. These two go hand in hand. Once you enter a new country, the people around you will change, and you get to make new friends. Thanks to current technology, maintaining contact with all your friends shouldn’t be so hard.

5. You better position yourself for Graduate School Admissions.

International universities and graduate schools show a lot of favour to students with prior study abroad experience. They believe that this is a clear indication of the student’s ability to thrive in new areas and overcome challenges. Additionally, it impresses upon them that you are serious about gaining an education and will not be squandering the opportunity given to you.

6. You are exposed to newer career prospects.

Leaving your home country allows you to add to your employer pool. You become a potential employee in more than just one country. International degrees are an added bonus since employers favour students with international experience.

7. You get the independence you need.

It’s generally agreed that studying abroad gives you the independence from your family that you need. This will help you grow into your own person as you will get to make your decisions on your own. If you are looking for independence, studying abroad presents such an opportunity.

8. You get to broaden your horizon and gain new knowledge.

It’s no secret that some countries are more advanced than others. If your home country is lacking, then studying abroad might be a good idea. You’ll get to investigate areas of knowledge that were not available in your home country.

9. You get to find secret spots and hidden gems.

Travel guides usually have a list of must-see spots. However, it’s not necessarily true that these places interest everyone. When you study abroad, you get to experience this new world in person, allowing you to find the spots and gems that the world does not know about yet.

10. You get to come back home.

New experiences are fantastic for two reasons. One, they are new and thrilling, leading to exciting phases in our lives. Two, they allow us to better appreciate what we currently have. The things you thought of as routine and plain before change into something that holds their own kind of beauty. Studying abroad gives you another lens through which you can appreciate your home country.


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