Studying with a good scholarship is one of the best experiences an international student can experience while studying abroad. Not having to deal with financial burden leaves you free to concentrate on your study and to explore other useful opportunities.

Ignore the trash traders who promise you full scholarships just to get a click from you. They make it sound like it is theirs to give to whoever they desire. Unfortunately, things are not that simple.

As your trusted channels for anything education, we strive to give you useful and authentic information, and to highlight various means you can explore to fund your international education. Not everyone can afford the huge financial investment required to study abroad, but everyone deserves the opportunity as long as they have what it takes and are willing to invest the effort.

We are NOT a scholarship awarding organization, but we know what it takes, and we can guide you to access available opportunities by recommending applicable ones and guiding you to prepare to qualify for good scholarships. Here are some things you should know about funding your education.


#1 Minimum Qualification

Most scholarships require you to have the minimum qualification for your level of study; for example, you should have at least three O’ Level OR A’ Level Credits if you want to study at diploma, certificate or bachelor level or a minimum of 2.5/4 CGPA if you are studying at postgraduate level.

#2 Being Best Among Bests

It is important to note that even though many scholarships are merit-based, a good result alone does not automatically result in a scholarship because all scholarships are keenly contested by many individuals with good results, so securing a scholarship may be a battle to be the best among bests.

#3 There are different types of scholarships

  • Tuition waivers can offer you between 10% – 90% discount on tuition, depending on your result.
  • Entry scholarships are offered by many universities to all new students. In most of the cases, these scholarships are automatically applied to student account without the need for the applicant to make separate applications for them. Amount is at the discretion of the institution.
  • Merit-based scholarships are offered to registered students whose performance are outstanding. Such scholarships are usually continuous through the years of study as long as the student is able to maintain the required level of academic performance.
  • Waivers and Discounts: Some scholarships come in the form of waivers for hostel fees, books, etc.
  • Financial Aids can only be accessed by registered students. They may be sponsored by the university, their affiliated organization, alumni, etc. They are usually merit-based too.
  • Studentships are opened to students who have been offered admission by an institution. They are usually merit-based too. Application requires the student to have a current offer of admission. In order to access these types of scholarships, a student must apply for admission as early as possible to receive offer letter to include in the funding application package.
  • Skills-based Scholarships are awarded for students who excel at some type of skill like music or sport. They may come as full scholarships or waivers. Application usually requires the student to present a portfolio that showcases the claimed skill. 
  • Full scholarships are by far the best of the lot for obvious reasons. They cover tuition, accommodation, books, health insurance, etc. and also pay a monthly stipend for upkeep. 

#4 Everyone can get some financial support

Yes! but not everyone is qualified for a full scholarship, and not everyone that qualifies can actually access one because there is a need for preparation. The importance of timely information is also central. You can prepare yourself:

  • Identify the scholarship that fits your need
  • Identify the requirements and prepare yourself to meet them
  • Invest in yourself, learn new skills if you must, seek help
  • Polish your CV and make it outstanding

#5 Another Good Counsel

If you are waiting for a full scholarship, you may wait forever. Take it one day at a time; one step after another. Apply for other types of scholarships or choose to start your study in a cheaper nation and work towards your dream while you are at it. You may find our post on “Where You Should Study Abroad useful. You can also check for customized information in our post on “Truth About Scholarships”


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