Business courses are one of the most popular fields with students. Such studies will often cover finance, business management, accounting and, more recently, entrepreneurship. Thus, these courses are a direct reflection of the multi-faceted nature of the business world. 

If you are looking to gain the necessary experience and knowledge for the wide world of business, taking a business course might just be the thing for you. Here are four possible career paths you can tread with a business degree.


1.      A Career in Accounting

Most business courses will cover specific aspects of accounting. However, a career in accounting will require further specialization and training.

It is common practice for business graduates to work while taking specialized courses to become accountants. Interestingly, most of the larger firms and corporations are willing to pay for this training.

If you are willing to pursue a career in accounting, your job may require you to 

        • Perform financial reviews for your company or firm
        • Manage financial records and organizational transactions
        • Play active roles in mergers and acquisitions
        • Offer financial advice to your firm and its clients

          You will also be heavily involved in making sure that your firm does not partake in fraudulent activities.  

2.      A Career in Business Management

Managing a business is not an easy job. Business managers usually have to work long hours and take on several responsibilities at work. 

However, it isn’t all bad.

Business managers often earn some of the most attractive salaries anywhere. It is also much easier to progress in this field than in most other business fields. You should also note that business managers can work in all kinds of industries. After all, it’s their job to develop business strategies and structure the operation of their firm. 

A career in business management is not easily achieved, though. The job often requires a lot of work experience and an additional degree in the field. But the role is so attractive that most business students are willing to work hard to get to such a position. 

3.      A Career in Business Consultancy

This career path is yet another attractive role for those in the business world. It will require you to combine analytical skills with business expertise to offer necessary advice to others. A career like this may lead to you giving business advice to some of the largest companies in the world. 

However, consultancy is not an easy job. 

Your clients will vary, and their needs will also vary depending on their unique circumstances. Therefore, you will need to gain as much knowledge and experience as to provide the best advice. 

Some students choose to specialize in a particular kind of business. This specialization allows them to quickly sharpen their skills in one area rather than having to know it all. If you are going to specialize, make sure to pick your area of specialization very carefully. 

4.      A Career in Sales

There are so many opportunities in sales. The number of options increases once you have a business degree. You can apply for an office-based position, a shop-based position, or even a travelling position.

Most large organizations set up training programs for business graduates to help them improve their sales skills. The programs provide valuable on-the-job experience while honing other business management skills. Those who excel in these programs may soon find themselves climbing through the ranks at an astonishing pace. 

It is pretty standard for those who go into sales to find themselves in a managerial position later in their career. 


The world of business is large and ever-expanding. Taking a business course equips you with the necessary knowledge and skill required to explore this vast world. Asides from the careers mentioned here, there are several other career paths you may choose to pursue. For example, you could find work as a banker, insurance agent, auditor or whatever else you find that appeals to you. Some research will help you figure out the best career choice for you.

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