Coding Workshop

Current and future jobs are increasingly tech-focused.

Soon, not being able to write or understand computer codes will be similar to not being able to understand or speak English in today’s world.


It is three different categories – 1, 2 & 3. Which is written Package 1, 2 and 3.

The Workshop

Ever wondered how tech stuffs are made?

From Websites to Robots and all the Automated Stuff?

Whether you intend to pursue a tech-focused career or get a grasp of the language of the future, GTA brings you virtual tech courses designed to help make you future-relevant.

All courses are conducted on the BSD Online platform with access to all exercises and projects, and opportunity for parental monitoring (where necessary).

Additional Benefits

Lifetime Access to a personal Shareable Portfolio that showcases your knowledge, skills and creativity

The best part?

No previous knowledge required!

General Details

Prerequisites (all packages):    Desire to learn ONLY

Delivery Mode:    Teacher-led, Project-based, Hands-on instruction

Venue:   Your Choice (Online Delivery)

Minimum No. of Signups:   Six (6) per package

Package 1

Introduction to Coding

Understand coding and its applications in basic web and game development

Package 2

TechReady – Digital Skills for Career Readiness

Tech skills acquired through real projects for application in different careers

Package 3

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Courses in computing, digital citizenship, AI, game and app

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