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About Malta

  • Southern European Island country in the Mediterranean
  • World’s 10th smallest country by area
  • Population: ~515,000; 4th most densely populated sovereign country
  • Bounded by Sicily, Tunisia and Libya.
  • Official languages: Maltese, Maltese Sign Language and English
  • Other languages: Italian (spoken by 66% of the population).
  • Currency: Euro (€)


Why Study in Malta

  • Exotic international student destination
  • Study in English; Prestigious institutions
  • European tertiary education system and academic year


Top courses to study in Malta

There are several courses available for studies in Malta that are globally recognized. Some of the popular courses to study in malta for international students are:

  • MBA 
  • Medicine 
  • Engineering 
  • Arts & Design 
  • Films & Media
  • Tourism
  • Law 
  • Business 
  • Computer Science

Studying and Living in Malta: Financials

  • As obtainable in other European countries
  • Tuition-free for EU/EEA students (for full-time bachelor programmes)
  • NOT tuition-free for non-EU/EEA students for bachelor or masters programmes
  • Tuition fees: Between 1000 – 6000.
  • Exact fee is based on the student’s country of origin, course of study and institution.
  • Cost of living: 500 – 1000 per month (accommodation, travel and feeding costs)
  • Exact living cost varies by location; comparable to other European countries.


How to Apply

Application for 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 academic year is ongoing.

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