So, let’s talk about actualizing your study abroad or immigration dreams this year.
    Actually, the earlier you start, the better your chances. As ironic as it may sound, this time and season are exceptionally among the best to consider going abroad. Yes, that’s the truth. So, here are 6 top reasons why NOW is a good time to revisit your study abroad dream.
  1. Many institutions are looking to increase their international student enrolment post-Covid19
  2. Many of these institutions are offering discounts and waivers to attract more students
  3. You can start your study online immediately from the comfort of your home and plan your travel when borders are open
  4. You can save on the cost of travel and living expenses for the time you spend studying online
  5. Your study-at-home period may be considered as part of your length of stay in the country of study; it will count towards the fulfillment of the length of stay (residence) requirement for future benefits
  6. You will be entitled to the same benefits (e.g. post-graduation work opportunities) you will be entitled to if you studied physically on full-time basis abroad.

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